Why Managed WordPress hosting Is the better option for New Blogs

Like most key points buying the right web hosting platform is difficult, and it becomes more wearisome if you’re a new entrant to the online profession. There’re mainly three hosting platforms – Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Server. You can also have free hosting, but I recommend avoiding them, as they have webspace limitations and issues, and you may face some technical inconveniences later. As a new blogger, you should consider managed WordPress hosting as well.

In this article, I’ll explore critical aspects that would highlight why managed WordPress hosting is the best option for the new website. Technically, WordPress web hosting platforms can be divided into many different categories: The managed plan is the first choice for any new blogger planning to start a WordPress website. The reason is – it is affordable, and the resources it offers are more than sufficient to meet all of your basic requirements. Dedicated and VPS hosting options are expensive and may represent overkill for beginners like you. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use an unmanaged hosting platform when starting blogging. In the future, if you need more server resources with the rise in page traffic, you can upgrade to VPS or Unmanaged hosting. Many bloggers started their Internet career with unmanaged hosting, but they’re now on VPS or a dedicated server. To improve your website, you can optimize your database, clean up unused tables and get rid of plug-ins. If the problems exist even after making all these key points, you can switch to UKbased WordPress hosting.

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